Vischer Ferry General Store

Vischer Ferry General Store



About Us

Our History...

The original store was built on this site by Benjamin Mix around 1787. No photos of that structure exist as far as we know, but we believe some evidence of the first store was uncovered during our renovation when large fieldstones flanking the entrance to the basement we revealed, which might have formed part of the walls.

The renovation...

We are very happy to bring back the Vischer Ferry General Store. It's our wish that this modern interpretation of an old-fashioned general store will serve as a gathering place for the community and a center of information about events and places to visit in the surrounding area. Vischer Ferry has much to offer. The area is both historically significant, and a place of great natural beauty.

At Vischer Ferry General Store, we believe that our daily lives are enhanced by using products that are as beautiful as they are functional. We look for quality, and like items that tell a story. We're inspired by the beauty and wildlife in the Vischer Ferry Nature Preserve nearby and often choose to showcase products that remind us of it.


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