Mathnasium of Clifton Park

Mathnasium of Clifton Park



About Us

Thousands of children asking to learn more math, even loving the process. It happens every day at Mathnasium. Whether your child is ready to leap ahead of their peers or is struggling with concepts taught in school, we have the power to unlock their full potential. We do it in a positive environment that children love.

More than a half-million parents have trusted Mathnasium to give their children the skills to succeed in math and the confidence to exceed expectations. We invite you to join us and see how we can change your child’s life through math.

The Mathnasium Method

The Mathnasium Method builds the foundation for math mastery, boosts grades and scores, and teaches students critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will help them throughout their lives.

Comprehensive Assessments
Oral and written diagnostics pinpoint exact strengths and weaknesses
Evaluations are conducted regularly to confirm skills retention and guide learning plan updates
Results are shared with parents upon joining and in progress reports

Fully Customized Learning Plan
Approach builds upon student’s knowledge and fills in foundational gaps
Mental, verbal, visual, tactile, and written teaching methods adapt to any learning style
Time-tested, proprietary materials and instruction ensure individual mastery

Experts with a Passion for Teaching Children
Provide face-to-face instruction
Teach at the perfect pace for each child
Build confidence through care and encouragement
Use Socratic questioning to foster independent learning and problem-solving


Ribbon Cutting
Student Desks and Tutoring Area
Student Binders and Rewards Area
Student Desks and Tutoring Area